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Lord of the Dance cz Tour 2021

The new dates are set for February/March, 2022 and the original tickets remain valid.

The Most Successful Irish Dance Show of All Time

Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance is the Star Wars of the Irish dance world.

Lord of the Dance is not merely a dance exposition. It’s a story: good versus evil, writ large. It plays to all audiences, everywhere — regardless of language, country of origin, ethnicity, or age.

Lord of the Dance is the biggest-selling dance show of all time. Artistically and commercially, it’s simply the biggest name out there. And to think: Michael Flatley was told to give up. Nothing is impossible. Follow your dream.

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The 2022 Tour:

  • February 25 – Bratislava
  • February 26 – Brno
  • February 27 – Ostrava
  • March 1 – Pardubice
  • March 2 – Liberec
  • March 3 (TBC) – Ceske Budejovice
  • March 5 – Praha
  • March 6 – Karlovy Vary