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Lord of the Dance | 2.6.2024 | Ostravar Arena

The famous Irish dance show LORD OF THE DANCE returns to the Czech Republic in May and June 2024

The Irish dance formation LORD OF THE DANCE, beloved and admired across the globe, performed a celebratory tour for its 25th anniversary at the end of 2022 on a sold-out Czech tour of large arenas and sport halls in seven regional cities and now they announced its return to the Czech Republic in May and June 2024! We will be able to see their energizing show not only at the O2 arena Prague and Ostravar arena in Ostrava but also at the Winter stadium Plzen, where the show returns to after 7 long years!

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Lord of the Dance are the global phenomena and the most visited dance spectacle of all time. Up till now this extraordinary show has toured 60 countries on 5 continents and has been seen by an incredible 60 million viewers!

Michael Flatley personally and very strictly supervises the quality of the performance. Last year the tireless Flatley launched an innovated version of the show for its 25th anniversary with which Lord of the Dance embarked on yet another victorious European tour. Audiences in England, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and many other European countries again and again applaud to the excellent performance of the top dancers in solo numbers and precisely synchronised “riverdancing” formations complemented by sophisticated video projection recapitulating the past 25 years, great special effects and lighting design and the brisk Irish music performed live by beautiful and gorgeous violinists. We are very pleased to introduce the new Lord of the Dance: 25 Years of Standing Ovations.

And as we could see many times ourselves here, literally every Lord of the Dance show ends with such ovations, thunderous applause and beaming smiles. The dancers will return to the Czech Republic next year for the 14th time and so far their performance has been visited by nearly a million enthusiastic local spectators.

Michael Flatley continues to follow his dream and it will certainly be another unforgettable experience. So, come to celebrate this fantastic anniversary with us!