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Matteo Bocelli | June 23, 2024 | Hybernia Theatre…

After the release of his debut album Matteo last year, the young Italian singer and composer, who bears the famous name Matteo Bocelli, has embarked on an extensive tour of the United States and Europe, during which he will visit Prague’s Hybernia Theatre in June 2024.

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Matteo Bocelli grew up surrounded by classical music, but also the songs of greats voices such as Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston and later his big idol Ed Sheeran. From childhood he received an extensive musical education, studying singing and piano at the Conservatory of Music in Lucca, Italy.

As a singer, he first attracted attention when his beautiful voice was the perfect accompaniment to his famous father on the album Sí in their duet Fall on Me. But listeners had to wait a few more years before the promising singer embarked on his own musical career. In 2020, he released his first single, the beautiful love song Solo, which combines elements of a classic aria with a pop melody and phrasing. And it was only 3 years later, in the summer of 2023, that Matteo Bocelli finally came out with his long-awaited debut solo album Matteo, followed by a tour of the United States, Europe and Australia.

His concerts are characterized by excursions into many musical genres, moving from classical music to pleasant Italian velvet pop and interpretations of famous international songs with an ease backed by a fine, distinctive voice. Matteo is very natural and open during his live performances enjoying warm interaction with an enchanted audience.

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